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Time for an update... :)
The Doctor Who season 4 finale  was last weekend. In England. I've still got to wait until August 1st to see, when it's on SciFi channel. (Nice day-early birthday present! :D) In the meantime, I've been going half-crazy trying to avoid spoilers. People have been really good about marking everything with spoiler warnings, but even the best of them seem to forget that the photos of *insert spoilers* in their icons might be enough to spoil something >_< . I haven't seen any spoilers that have really ruined anything for me (I've known who the villan is, and which characters are back, since April), but the stuff I see is really threatening my resolve to wait until the official US airings. I've completely immersed myself in Disney stuff (listening to the old (good) songs, editing Disney's (horribly written) wikipedia entries, etc) in an attempt to distract myself. Still, just three more weeks... but then no Doctor Who until Christmas! :-(
I've found out that I might be able to go to Dragon*Con this year! For those who don't know about it, it's the biggest convention in the Southeast (I think). (This one is for just about everything: not just Doctor Who). I didn't think I could go, because I didn't have a ride, and I wouldn't ask my mom to drive me and my brother back from Atlanta that late at night, but it turns out that the girl who's renting our back room (a family friend) also wants to go, and can drive. I've got until August 30 to find the shoes and sunglasses that I still need for my Rose (from Doctor Who) costume, plus some tulle for the skirt. (This outfit, by the way: http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l20/RJDaae/rose1-1.jpg)
We've got a new car! It's a Chevy Malibu (I think), and is gold-coloured. It doesn't get great gas mileage, but anything was better than the 10mpg  the van gets. 
Well, until later...

Date: 2008-07-16 01:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] morleigh13.livejournal.com
That sounds like allot of fun. Take pictures and nerd it up!

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