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So my birthday was yesterday. Most of it was spent at the store, playing Roller Coaster Tycoon. After work, we went to a pizza buffet! We only get to go there on special occasions (maybe two  or three times a year, at most), so I really enjoyed it. At the grocery, there were actually some decent desserts on sale! I love chocolate pie (the kind with whipped cream on top), but they're usually $8.95 each; yesterday, there was one on sale for $4! I had that as my birthday cake. The boys didn't throw me a surprise party like they did last year (that was so adorable), but they were busy, so I don't blame them. 
Presents! My mom got me the shoes that I've been wanting for ages: a pair of tie-dyed Converse 'Chucks'. Chucks are generally insanely expensive for what's basically canvas sneakers, but these were on sale at Marshalls (or maybe it was T.J.Maxx) for $20. They're great, and Daisy hasn't tried eating them yet (what happened to my other shoes). (Plus, if I ever need to make a 'The Doctor Visits the 1960s' costume, I'm all set, haha.) My great aunt (who lives out of state; haven't seen her in months) went to New York last month, and she sent me $10 in birthday money, and two Phantom postcards! My grandma gave me a Broadway Hits compilation CD set. It's really cool, and even came in a metal tin. My mom also contributed some money towards my Dragon*Con fund. Oh, and my second oldest brother got me a Cadbury chocolate bar (my favourite).
All in all, quite a nice birthday :D

Here's a picture of my gifts:

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