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My youngest brother had a doctor's appointment, so me and my oldest brother got to go hang out and shop and Borders for a while. It was a lot of fun, though I was pretty sad to see that they'd ripped out the entire DVD and CD sections and replaced them with gigantic Twilight displays (who needs Twilight band-aids?!). Anyway, while I was there I saw something that surprised me, given what's been going on with... oh, I'll just tell you the whole story...

I don't know how many of you all heard about the furor (and $200 eBay prices) that these dolls caused earlier this year:


So, if you heard about the story when it happened, you'll probably know that these are TY's (yes, the Beanie Babies' TY) 'Sweet Sasha' and 'Marvelous Malia' dolls... or should I say, 'Sweet Sydney' and 'Marvelous Mariah', as the dolls were officially renamed after the Obamas themselves found out about the unlicensed and unapproved dolls. TY insisted that it was a complete coincidence (despite the dolls having the same names as the Obamas' daughters, and having been released at the same time, around the time of the Inauguration), and retired the dolls with the Obama girls' names, replacing them with the previously mentioned Sydney and Mariah. Simple misunderstanding, no harm done, right?

Now, here's one of the newer TY releases: 'Bo, the White House Dog':

Having lost out on one money-making Obama tie-in,  I assume TY figured that no one would sue them over the likeness of a dog. (Not to mention that it's also way less creepy to have a Beanie Baby of Obama's dog than it is to have one of his kids!) So I think we can all agree that, yeah, the girls were a totally innocent accident, and the dog is 100% on purpose. (Also, my mom bought me one of these, and it's so cute and tiny and soft and I love it! Look how they even got his socks right! ^_^)

And... here's what I saw at Borders today, in an official, TY-packaged giftset:


There was also a 'Sweet Sydney' with Bo and hat set. Yep, total coincidence. ;)

Also at Borders, as I walked through the biography section, I noticed the lack of Palin's recent memoir (there was an entire huge shelf of Ted Kennedy's book, though). After having walked around the store for over an hour (I was Christmas shopping, not specifically looking for her book), I found out where they all were. You see, there was this one table in the Twilight section with a wobbly leg... and a huge stack of 'Going Rogue' piled up on the floor underneath it, holding it steady. :)

Lastly, Christmas painting #1 is here! Take a look: http://rjdaae.deviantart.com/art/Precious-Cargo-147315299

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