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My oldest brother ,wanted to get our younger brothers and sister something really great for Christmas this year, now that he has a job at college and can actually afford to buy presents.  The only store out here --our old house was a few miles from a mall D:-- is Wal-Mart, so we went there.

We wandered around for a while, until we got to the electronics section. We looked at the Wii games, but they didn't have any good ones, and eventually ended up on the aisle where they keep the Wii accessories, and Guitar Hero stuff. Then I remembered something: when we were visiting our aunt last year, the 'kids' all spent the entire time playing Rock Band with our cousins. Aha!

So we looked over at the Rock Band display. There were a few kits for XBOX and PS3, but everything for the Wii was sold out, except for one single item: the Beatles Rock Band deluxe limited edition box set. It was a lot more money that the basic (and sold-out) Rock Band set, but it had really cool instruments (like a replica of Paul McCartney's bass). And it was the Beatles! It was also the last one in the store, and it was the two days before Christmas.

Our brothers chose that moment, as we hemmed and hawed over whether to buy it, to run up and try to guess what we were getting for them. Cue me and my brother swiftly turning on our heels and loudly discussing which Wii Fit accessories to get ("Do you think they'd want the blue mats or the green ones?"). They bought our bluff 100%, and left after I gave them each $1 to buy Oreos with.

By now our time limit was of more concern to us than our budget was, so we dragged the (extremely heavy-- all the stands are metal) Beatles box over to the checkout, and asked the cashier if they had any really big bags. They didn't, so we ended up having to tape a bunch of small bags onto the box, to hide the box art from our brothers. I don't know how we got past the anti-theft people at the entrance, haha.

All of the trouble was well-worth the looks on our brothers' faces when they ripped the paper off on Christmas morning, and realised they wouldn't be doing virtual push-ups that day. :)

And let me tell you, that game is fun! I'd seen the intro, and thought it looked pretty cool, but I never would have guessed that I'd end up playing it so much. I've been doing the drums every chance I can get. It's also really cute to see my brothers, who usually listen strictly to rap and Hannah Montana, quarreling over whether to play 'Revolution' or 'Yellow Submarine' next. The only problem is now I want to buy a Wii card so we can get more of the songs that are available!

Here's the gameplay trailer:

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