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Good news!
The guy who got the rocks thrown at his car decided to take pity on us. (He was in Florida, so he had to take part in the hearing via speaker phone.) The estimate for the damage to his truck (two small scratches and a cracked headlight) was an unbelievable $1100. He said he'd be willing to forget the whole thing if we paid for the damages. Mom told him that either she could get him $500 by the end of the week, or the boys could work to raise the $1100 by mowing lawns for the next nine months. I guess the guy would rather have $500 now than all of it later, because he agreed. Thank goodness... I'm not sure if the boys could have raised that much money. Mom is also making them each write an apology to the guy, to be mailed with the money.
I hope my brothers have learned a lesson in all this.
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Well, my brothers' 'trial' is tomorrow. The other neighbour boy who was involved (who is over sixteen) was arrested a few days ago because of the previous rock-throwing, and had to spend two nights in jail while his family scraped up $2500 to bail him out. Thank goodness they don't do that to minors... my brother's probably would have had to stay in jail until the trial. As it is, they've been working all week to raise money for their court fees, and my youngest brother had to sell me his mp3 player. They wouldn't had to have done so much last minute work if they weren't so wasteful with the money they already had.
I'll be praying tonight; I hope they do so as well.
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I finally finished my new layout. Look, it's John Denver! :D And lyrics from one of my favourite JD songs, 'Come and Let Me Look in Your Eyes'.

I guess growing isn't hard to do
Just stand against the wall
Once I was just two feet high
Today I'm six feet tall

But knowing who to listen to
Is something else again
Words just whistle 'round my head
Like seasons in the wind

All across the water the clouds are sailing
They won't let me look at the sky
All I want to do is try and find myself
Come and let me look in your eyes

In searching for the way to go
I've followed all the rules
The way they say to choose between
The wise men and the fools

I listen to the words they say
I read what I should read
I do whatever's right to do
Try to be what I should be

Someone let me in I think the sky is falling
Seems I've gotten lost on my way
All I want to do is try and find myself
Come and let me look in your eyes

Ah, but wisdom isn't underground
Nor on a mountainside
There am I to take myself
Theres no place here to hide
Oh, where can I hide?

All across the universe the stars are fading
Seems we've gotten lost on our way
All I want to do is try and find myself
Come and let me look in your eyes

The banner and colours are a bit wintry for spring, and I've just had another layout idea, so this one might be changed in the next couple of weeks. Then again, it might not. : )

ETA: Changed it, to a "Farewell Andromeda" themed lay-out.
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There was a tornado last night. In Atlanta. I don't think that's ever happened. From what I've heard, the tornado went through the same part of the city  as where the gift mart is. Me and my mom have gone there a few times to buy things for the store. The wind alone knocked over a few steel billboards, and knocked several windows out of the CNN building. I wonder how many miles per hour it was.
We weren't near enough to get any damage to our house, but the actual storm sure came close to us. I woke up at around 5am, to the absolute loudest thunder I'd ever heard. It was so loud, it was like a train driving over you. The lighting was as bright as the thunder was loud. My little sister, who also woke up, says she heard sirens through the worst of it, but I guess I couldn't hear them over the thunder. 
Meg, who tends to be scared of such things, amazingly slept through the entire storm. 
I'm not sure if we're going to open the store today or not, because there's supposed to be another, worse storm coming through in two hours. I hope we stay home. Anyway, it's not as if anyone's going to want to go shopping in this weather, is it?

Any suggestions for what my new banner should look like?
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I finally found some fake fur for my Doctor doll's hair! I trimmed it, and sewed it on last night, and now I'm officially done with the doll. Of course, this means I have to post a bunch of pictures...


Feb. 14th, 2008 04:09 pm
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Behold, the first official additions to my Doctor Who collection:
We had to drive 40 miles, but we finally found a store that sells DW stuff :D (By the way, that's the robot dog that Meg dressed as for Halloween). A note of PotO-related interest: the actor who plays the guy in the blue coveralls is one of those rumoured to be cast as Erik in PoM. If only they made PotO action figures this cool... (Aside from the Lon Chaney ones).

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


Feb. 7th, 2008 11:42 am
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We're supposed to be getting 3-5 inches of snow today. That probably doesn't seem like much to those of you in more Northern climes, but down here it's a huge deal. (Try finding someone in Atlanta who knows what snow chains are). We went to the grocery last night, to buy some Cokes for the drink machine at the store... there had to have been ten people in line at each cashier, fifteen at one of them. I've never seen that many people in a grocery at the same time! (Well, except maybe for when we had that blizzard back in '97). The funniest thing was how many peoples' storm provisions included ice cream...
From what I understand, there's a storm coming from the south, and 'arctic wind' coming down from, well, the arctic, so the snow that we get probably won't melt like the snow on Wednesday did. We're probably going to be snowed/iced in for a couple days. I'll bet the GA DOT is excited: they finally get to try out those shiny new snowplows! And we get a nice vacation from going to the store for the next couple days.
Tiny little hailstones are falling now-- oh, wait they just got a lot bigger, and louder. It's supposed to turn to snow sometime in the afternoon. The two things I don't want to happen: 1. The power to go out. 2. My brothers to eat all the food. (Not that they wouldn't do that anyway...)
Wish us luck!
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 Okay, so last night we went to pick up my 'new' computer. I'm going to miss my old one... :(
They couldn't put Windows XP on, but luckily my brother seems to have figured out how to upgrade my scanner to work with Vista. This computer looks exactly like my brother's new one. Probably because it is my brother's, just an older model number. I've 'named' it Reinette. I was going to name it 'Antoinette' (it felt like it should be named 'Something-nette'), but then I remembered that there was a character on Doctor Who named Reinette. (My old compy was named Christine.) My brother named his laptop 'Ragnarok'. 
So, we have twin laptops. I'm going to take that as an excuse to find a PotO mask sticker as soon as possible. ("But Mom, I need the sticker so I can tell them apart!")
The bad news: all my music is gone. All I have are the few songs I managed to email to myself before we sent my old computer off. I was counting on replacing everything through my brother's Rhapsody account, but it turns out that some liscence thing won't let anything from there play on my computer. I'll have to dig up all my cds, I guess.
I've also got to make a new desktop wallpaper (the old one looks too stretched), new icons, and find some new cursors. 
What a fun week I'm going to have...
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 Okay, yesterday I wrote the entire story of why I haven't been online in a month, and then I clicked 'post to journal' and assumed it had posted. Apparently (as I can't find it now) it didn't. Darn LJ, eating my entries!
I'll just have to make a long story short, because I am in no way typing it all again.
Circuit City was supposed to have my laptop fixed in two weeks. They didn't do that. We called them after two weeks, and they told us various things, from "it's still being fixed" to "it's lost in the mail". Another week of them not returning our phone calls went by, until we all went down there to find out where my laptop was! Apparently it never ever got to Chicago. It'd been sitting in their warehouse in Atlanta for the entire month!!!
Mom complained, and had them check the list of all the stuff we've bought there in the past (a lot of stuff. We're practically keeping them in business.), and they agreed to give me a new laptop. Which I can't get until my old one comes in. 
That was a week ago. They themselves seem to have given up on my laptop ever coming in, and say that  I can come get me new laptop after Christmas, because they are currently all sold out. There's a shipment coming in on the 26th, and hopefully I'll get one then. I've also got to convince them to put Windows XP on it, as my scanner and camera are completely incompatible with Vista. *shakesfist*

It's Christmas Eve!!! *squee*
Merry Christmas/Happy Hannukah everyone! :D
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When I got my Prints account on deviantART, it came with a free 3-month regular subscription, with all the special other features (like fancy journals, no ads, etc.). I ended up really enjoying it, and sadly looked forward to the day it would expire. That day being today. So, at 3:12 today, my subscription ended. 
But, there is a happy ending.
My brother has a friend who has an internet business. He wrote earlier today, asking if I could proofread his website. I love editing stuff, so I jumped at the chance to help out. I sent him my list of corrections, and he went to work on fixing the site.
Later, after he was finished, he IM'd me again, asking if there was anything I wanted, as a sort of thank-you gift. (He got my brother an internet Dragon RPG game subscription or something, as well.) To make a long story short, I now have a one-year subscription to devART, and I am super thrilled!  I didn't think there was any way that I'd be able to get another one, short of winning a contest. 

I keep meaning to write about this, but I keep forgetting to... I now have a cat! 
Let me start at the beginning. About a year ago, we found a kitten on the road side. He was black, with a white stomach, and a little white stripe/spot on the side of his mouth, like a tiny half-mask. My mom said we could keep him, and we named him 'Gaston' (for Leroux, of course). 
He didn't waste much time in running away... We never saw him again.
Last Wednesday (on Halloween, in fact), me and Mom had to go pick up some furniture for her to paint, from another store around here. Hanging around the back of the store was a black and white cat... with the same exact white spot as Gaston had! I mentioned it to Mom, but she pretended not to notice. She doesn't like cats very much. 
We came back the next day, to return the furniture. The cat was still there. Me and my little sister begged asked to be allowed to keep him. The owner of the store did her part to help, saying that the store next door was threatening to call the dog pound to pick up the cat. Mom wanted to let us keep him, but she still didn't want us to get a cat. Finally she said that we could have him if our step-dad said it was okay. So we went home and begged asked him. He finally said yes. So we went and got the cat on Friday.
I've (re-)named him "Tobias Macavity", "Toby" for short. 
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Our Halloween party is tonight! I didn't invite anyone, because I don't really know anyone to invite, but a lot of my brothers' and sister's friends are coming. There are already a few here!
I'm dressed as the fourth Doctor, my brother (the oldest one, Phantom-phan) is dressed as Luke Skywalker, and Meg is dressed as K9, the Doctor's robot dog (pictures later). 'Luke' is borrowing one of my nice black gloves (for his robot hand), and I keep worrying that he'll get something gross/sticky on them.
Anyway, I'm going to go see what my brothers are up to!
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Most people take photos of these scarves by hanging them off their back porch. We don't have a porch (or at least not a high-up one), so I hung it over the cross beam at the front of my mom's store. (There's that yellow-brick road I mentioned :D )
Final length: 13'8, 14 feet including tassels. It looks longer here because it stretches out when it's hanging like that. Also, the wind was blowing it backwards, that's why it looks narrower at the ends.
September 17-October 25th
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
914 / 1,258
(the numbers are the amount of rows I've knitted/have left to knit.)

I hope I finish in time for Halloween!

Aww, look: Meg likes the scarf!
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It's been ten years now.
Those years have seen a plaque dedicated at Monterey Bay, a statue placed in Aspen, Rocky Mountain High becoming Colorado's state song, and a live musical based on his work. There's a childrens' picture-book series based on a number of his songs. There are even plans to have his image used on US postage stamps in the next few years. His charities continue helping people and the environment all over the world.

I hope that you will think of me in moments when you're happy and you're smiling,
That the thought will comfort you on cold and cloudy days if you are crying,
That you'll love to see the sun go down,
And the world go around,
And around and around...

-from 'Around and Around', by John Denver

From the life to the light,
From the dark of the night to the dawn,
He is so in my heart,
He is here,
He could never be gone,
Though the singer is silent,
There still is the truth of the song,
In the song...

-from 'On the Wings of a Dream', by John Denver

John Denver, may he never be forgotten!
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For anyone wondering where I've been the past few days, I've been busy working on my painting for the PotO Lyric contest. I'm going to finish it today (I'm very sure), and then I'll be back. :-)
Random weird thing: I'd been having bad dreams the past several nights, and I didn't have time to get a new dreamcatcher. So, I decided to try and improve my old one, by tying in scraps of yarn from my (now 4 1/2 foot long) Doctor Who scarf. Well, I didn't have a <i>bad</i> dream last night: I dreamed about scarves! Haha!
(Not. Kidding.)

Back to the painting, then...
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Time for an update, I think.
My current project, as some of you know, is my Doctor Who scarf. This'll take a bit of explanation.
Ten different actors have portrayed the character of the Doctor in the TV show, since 1963. You might ask, "How do they get away with changing the actor so much?". Very simple, and very clever: when the Doctor is terribly injured (or the current actor decides to quit) he can regenerate himself, completely changing his appearance and personality. 
Anyway, back in the 1970s, the Doctor was played by Tom Baker. He was the Fourth Doctor (because he was the 4th actor). His Doctor always wore a brown hat and a gigantic scarf. (That's a picture of him in my icon.) This scarf changed every season, varying between ten and twenty-five feet over the course of his years on the show. I found the knitting pattern online, and decided to make one. But I didn't know how to knit. So I found an online 'How-to-knit' guide. I've been working on it a little over a week now, and if I think I'll get to the three-foot mark sometime this afternoon. I'm not entirely sure how long it'll end up being, since it didn't have the size on the pattern, but I'm guessing it'll be about 14-16 feet.
The store is going great. The UPS guy is beginning to dislike us, because he has to bring shipments of new merchandise to us nearly everyday. Last night two big boxes of puppets came! My mom is trying to find something that can be turned into a puppet theatre, and wants me to help the kids put on shows. I think our grand-opening is coming up soon... I'm not sure when. 
I have three deadlines to meet, none of which I've even begun working on: the PotO Halloween art contest, the Mort Rouge Halloween phic contest, and the PotO 'Illustrate a music lyric' contest. I've got a few very wispy ideas, but have yet to think of anything good. The lyric contest deadline is the 16th of October, and I have until Halloween itself for the other two... I really need to get a move on. 
Darn procrastination issues!
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Art class went well last night. It isn't so much a class as it is supervised painting time. If you asked for input on a picture, I'm sure they'd give it, but people don't just hover over you telling you exactly what way that specific line needs to go. In short, I'm very happy there.
It actually kind of reminded me of my old gifted class, in middle school. We were allowed to make jokes, and have fun, as long as we were still learning. (It's worth mentioning that there were only eight kids in that class.) 
Anyway, Charlie (my oldest younger brother) came with me, and did his math homework while I painted. He, for the first time ever, gave me a good suggestion as to what to paint! (I was shocked.) I got the painting half finished, and completed it earlier this afternoon, at the store. I also painted random Doctor Who stuff on my left arm. 

Next thing on my agenda is to hurry up and write my entry for the Mort Rouge Halloween phic contest. I have a couple of ideas that I'm working on, but I'm not sure they're workable. I can't go into anymore detail, though: darn anonymity rule...
Off to write!

Eagles and Horses by John Denver
Horses are creatures who worship the earth
They gallop on feet of ivory
Constrained by the wonders, of dying and birth
The horses still run, they are free

My body is merely the shell of my soul
But the flesh must be given its due
Like a pony that carries its rider back home
Like an old friend who's tried and been true

Eagles inhabit the heavenly heights
They know neither limit, nor bound
They're the guardian angels of darkness and light
They see all and hear every sound

My spirit will never be broken, nor caught
For the soul is a free flying thing
Like an eagle, that needs neither comfort, nor thought
To rise up on glorious wings!

I had a vision of eagles and horses
High on a ridge, in a race with the wind
Going higher and higher, faster and faster
On eagles and horses
I'm flying again!


Sep. 1st, 2007 01:24 pm
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1. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
2. Tag seven people to do the same.
3. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag whoever wants to do it.

Okay... let's see what I can come up with this time...

1. I own a cursed donkey figure. Okay, so it isn't officially cursed or anything like that. It's just that after I got it, and had it sitting on my shelf, stuff started to disappear. Like library books, my student ID, clothing, etc. So, I wrapped donkey in an old dish towel and stashed it under my bed. I haven't had any bad luck since! 
In case you're wondering, the donkey is about five inches tall, seated, and made of bone-coloured resin. It also has an extremely evil expression on it's face... O_o I'll have to take a picture some day.

2. I believe that dream catchers work, for me, at least. I got one as a gift several years ago, and hung it over my bed. I didn't have a bad dream for over six months. Then I had a bad dream every night for a week, until I got another dream catcher. I'm been through about five of them so far, and even if it's just a psychosomatic thing, it works and I'm not complaining.

3. I want to make a graphic novel (comic book) version of Leroux and Kay's PotO's some day. I won't be able to do that until I can get my drawing proportions more 'standardized'. Otherwise each panel will look like it has completely different characters, rather than the same several ones.

4. I almost never go to see movies at the theatre. The only ones I've seen in the last six years were the last four Harry Potter movies, and Star Wars III (my second-youngest brother's idea).

5. I really really want a Doctor Who action figure. The one of the 10th Doctor, wearing 3-D glasses. The reason I haven't managed to get one yet is that (to my knowlege) they are only available in England, and a single store in New York City. And most of the people on eBay.co.uk don't ship to America. There is one site that sells to America, but they don't have the one with glasses. Darn...

6. I once had a goldfish that lived for nearly two years. I won it at my little brothers' school fair. It was unofficially named 'Charlie', after Charlie Chaplin, because it had a black mark on it's lip, like a mustache. We didn't actually call it that, though, because it would have gotten on the nerves of my brother, who is also named Charlie. 

7. I have had 'my' copy of Kay's Phantom checked out from the library for 14 months straight. I just make sure to renew it every two weeks, and hope that no one else puts a hold on it. So far they haven't. The librarians say that I get the first chance to buy the book when they decide to discard it.

I tag theatregeek_393, brambyj109, damadenegro13, and hameat

By the way, the store that my family used to volunteer at... My mom bought it! So, I'm going to be spending a lot of time here. Thank goodness for wireless internet!

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