Jul. 5th, 2007 06:33 pm
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My new laptop power cord came today! I am typing on my own keyboard, listening to my music
I was so happy when I saw the UPS truck stop in front of our house. More good news: I'm also getting a new laptop battery! Those, aparrently, are also covered by my warranty. Just goes to show that sometimes it is worth it to have the $200 warranty. 

It's a really good thing that the cord came today.... the Wii batteries died last night, and I was going to have to try typing on my other brother's PSP...

Now, let's finish up the rest of that tag:

Ten things you don't know about me: Continued
6. If I get a piece of jewelry, I wear it until it literally breaks off. That's what's happened to two bracelets, three rings, and a necklace. 
7. I've been known to 'borrow' Harry Potter promotional displays from stores... Nah, I'm just really good friends with the employees... (except for that one countdown sign from Toys 'R' Us... 
8. When I was five, I was obsessed with My Fair Lady. Watched it every day (it was the only video we had)
9. My favourite animals are Armadillos and Quetzals
10. I wear size 10 shoes

Now, it's time for me to catch up with nearly a week's worth of not being online...

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