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So my birthday was yesterday. Most of it was spent at the store, playing Roller Coaster Tycoon. After work, we went to a pizza buffet! We only get to go there on special occasions (maybe two  or three times a year, at most), so I really enjoyed it. At the grocery, there were actually some decent desserts on sale! I love chocolate pie (the kind with whipped cream on top), but they're usually $8.95 each; yesterday, there was one on sale for $4! I had that as my birthday cake. The boys didn't throw me a surprise party like they did last year (that was so adorable), but they were busy, so I don't blame them. 
Presents! My mom got me the shoes that I've been wanting for ages: a pair of tie-dyed Converse 'Chucks'. Chucks are generally insanely expensive for what's basically canvas sneakers, but these were on sale at Marshalls (or maybe it was T.J.Maxx) for $20. They're great, and Daisy hasn't tried eating them yet (what happened to my other shoes). (Plus, if I ever need to make a 'The Doctor Visits the 1960s' costume, I'm all set, haha.) My great aunt (who lives out of state; haven't seen her in months) went to New York last month, and she sent me $10 in birthday money, and two Phantom postcards! My grandma gave me a Broadway Hits compilation CD set. It's really cool, and even came in a metal tin. My mom also contributed some money towards my Dragon*Con fund. Oh, and my second oldest brother got me a Cadbury chocolate bar (my favourite).
All in all, quite a nice birthday :D
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This morning I went to the library with my mom and sister. While we were out, my brothers called, telling mom to drive around for two hours. Okay. So, we went to the grocery, and got pizza and rootbeer (for my birthday), and then to Dairy Queen for an ice cream cake. When we got home, the kitchen was full of streamers, the table was set with our best knives and forks, and there was a rather lop-sided chocolate cake in the fridge. That's right: wonder of wonders, my four younger brothers set up a party for me!  They even made the cake themselves, with a few boxes of brownie mix they found in the cupboard. I can't believe it... They always act like they hate me, not like they'd want to spend all day setting stuff up. They even cleaned the house for mom.

For my presents, I've gotten seven canvases, two cakes, and a deviantART subscription! Pretty good birthday, I'd say, and the day isn't even over yet!

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