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Good news!
The guy who got the rocks thrown at his car decided to take pity on us. (He was in Florida, so he had to take part in the hearing via speaker phone.) The estimate for the damage to his truck (two small scratches and a cracked headlight) was an unbelievable $1100. He said he'd be willing to forget the whole thing if we paid for the damages. Mom told him that either she could get him $500 by the end of the week, or the boys could work to raise the $1100 by mowing lawns for the next nine months. I guess the guy would rather have $500 now than all of it later, because he agreed. Thank goodness... I'm not sure if the boys could have raised that much money. Mom is also making them each write an apology to the guy, to be mailed with the money.
I hope my brothers have learned a lesson in all this.
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Well, my brothers' 'trial' is tomorrow. The other neighbour boy who was involved (who is over sixteen) was arrested a few days ago because of the previous rock-throwing, and had to spend two nights in jail while his family scraped up $2500 to bail him out. Thank goodness they don't do that to minors... my brother's probably would have had to stay in jail until the trial. As it is, they've been working all week to raise money for their court fees, and my youngest brother had to sell me his mp3 player. They wouldn't had to have done so much last minute work if they weren't so wasteful with the money they already had.
I'll be praying tonight; I hope they do so as well.

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