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So my birthday was yesterday. Most of it was spent at the store, playing Roller Coaster Tycoon. After work, we went to a pizza buffet! We only get to go there on special occasions (maybe two  or three times a year, at most), so I really enjoyed it. At the grocery, there were actually some decent desserts on sale! I love chocolate pie (the kind with whipped cream on top), but they're usually $8.95 each; yesterday, there was one on sale for $4! I had that as my birthday cake. The boys didn't throw me a surprise party like they did last year (that was so adorable), but they were busy, so I don't blame them. 
Presents! My mom got me the shoes that I've been wanting for ages: a pair of tie-dyed Converse 'Chucks'. Chucks are generally insanely expensive for what's basically canvas sneakers, but these were on sale at Marshalls (or maybe it was T.J.Maxx) for $20. They're great, and Daisy hasn't tried eating them yet (what happened to my other shoes). (Plus, if I ever need to make a 'The Doctor Visits the 1960s' costume, I'm all set, haha.) My great aunt (who lives out of state; haven't seen her in months) went to New York last month, and she sent me $10 in birthday money, and two Phantom postcards! My grandma gave me a Broadway Hits compilation CD set. It's really cool, and even came in a metal tin. My mom also contributed some money towards my Dragon*Con fund. Oh, and my second oldest brother got me a Cadbury chocolate bar (my favourite).
All in all, quite a nice birthday :D
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Time for an update... :)
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 Clearly my lack of math skills is starting to bleed over into over number related functions. Today (the 23rd), I told everyone I saw (read: my mom and two of my brothers) "happy Towel Day!". Then I go online, to see what sort of fun, towel-related macros/comments/etc that people should have been making on the scifi boards today-- and find out that Towel Day is actually on the 25th of May. Not the 23rd. Thank goodness I forgot to grab a towel this morning...
 So, yeah, some other examples of my math/date disability: I thought that TimeGate (the Atlanta Doctor Who/Stargate convention) was on the 5th on May, and it turned out to be on the 23-26th; the local thrift store (or at least the one I go to most often) has a colour-coded system of putting things on sale, and I keep thinking colours are supposed to be on sale earlier than they actually are; also, numerous birthdays/anniversaries which I keep getting the date off by a week or so. I'm glad that I always seem to get the dates early, otherwise there would have been a lot of stuff I'd have missed! (The only date I've gotten right recently was Scurvy Awareness Day.)
 Speaking of getting the date of TimeGate wrong, that might have actually been a good thing. Back on Monday, May 5th, I was talking to my mom about how TimeGate was that day. She said something along the lines of "Oh, you should have told me earlier. I could have taken you". (the store is closed on Mondays). I said it was okay, and even if we could go, the tickets were really high (like $50 a person). Then, when I went online to see how the convention had gone, I found out not only that the con was actually much later, but that admission on Monday only costs $10 each. And she actually said that she would take me and Charlie (my brother who likes Doctor Who)! I somehow managed to get a costume together for less than $15, from two thrift stores. All I have left to find is a tie, and some hairclips. And I have to paint Charlie's shoes black. I've never painted shoes...

In the meantime, I have another problem. Remember the scene from the Kay version, where Erik picks the gemstones out of the back of the Peacock Throne? I started a painting of that scene. I was going to try to find out what the real Peacock Throne looked like first, but I was in art class at the time, and I couldn't check. Turns out that I was way off. (The real one looks more like a bed than a throne.) Now I have a canvas that has a pretty nice sketch on it, but which looks nothing like the real thing would have. So... do I continue with this track, and plead artistic license, or do I start over? I lean towards starting over, if only out of respect for the effort Susan Kay put into researching the actual Shah's actual throne. To make up a new one when she worked to make her book 'real' wouldn't be too great. Any thoughts?

Wow, that entry turned out long than I thought it would!

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