New puppy

Mar. 10th, 2009 10:39 am
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Meet Cheryl

Picture under the cut )

She's three months old, and looks like a little bunny hopping around with her little bobtail. Meg doesn't know what to think of her; Meg doesn't like puppies, but she's never seen a puppy that was bigger than she is. The other dogs love her, especially Betty and Cadbury; they've got another friend to play with now. (And Cindy has someone else to growl at for rough-housing when she's trying to sleep.) Madame Giry seems to be a tiny bit jealous, though...
She's supposed to get a bit bigger, and her coat's supposed to get a little bit darker/redder before she's full-grown. She's so cuddly and marshmallowy.
I feel a little better now.
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 Note: it is a bad idea to stick your finger in a dog's mouth when they are eating a bone. 

What happened was, Shirley (our Corgi) was eating a steak bone, and seemed to be having trouble with it. It seemed like a smaller piece had gotten jammed between her upper and lower jaws, which happens occassionaly, and since I'm the resident animal person, I went to dislodge it. To make a short story shorter, it came loose by itself just as I located it, and her teeth crunched down on both the bone and my finger. It wouldn't have been so bad, if not for the horrible snapping noise the steak bone made-- it took me a minute to realise she hadn't broken my finger. (right-handed artist + broken right index finger = very very bad)
It'll be fine; just barely broke the skin. Stings like a bad papercut, though. It could have been way worse (what if Shirley was a Rottweiler or something with even bigger teeth?), and I'm very thankful that it wasn't. :)

I can't think of anything to paint. Ideas, anyone?

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