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Time for an update... :)


May. 26th, 2008 02:06 pm
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I just got back from TimeGate (still wearing my costume, actually).


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 Clearly my lack of math skills is starting to bleed over into over number related functions. Today (the 23rd), I told everyone I saw (read: my mom and two of my brothers) "happy Towel Day!". Then I go online, to see what sort of fun, towel-related macros/comments/etc that people should have been making on the scifi boards today-- and find out that Towel Day is actually on the 25th of May. Not the 23rd. Thank goodness I forgot to grab a towel this morning...
 So, yeah, some other examples of my math/date disability: I thought that TimeGate (the Atlanta Doctor Who/Stargate convention) was on the 5th on May, and it turned out to be on the 23-26th; the local thrift store (or at least the one I go to most often) has a colour-coded system of putting things on sale, and I keep thinking colours are supposed to be on sale earlier than they actually are; also, numerous birthdays/anniversaries which I keep getting the date off by a week or so. I'm glad that I always seem to get the dates early, otherwise there would have been a lot of stuff I'd have missed! (The only date I've gotten right recently was Scurvy Awareness Day.)
 Speaking of getting the date of TimeGate wrong, that might have actually been a good thing. Back on Monday, May 5th, I was talking to my mom about how TimeGate was that day. She said something along the lines of "Oh, you should have told me earlier. I could have taken you". (the store is closed on Mondays). I said it was okay, and even if we could go, the tickets were really high (like $50 a person). Then, when I went online to see how the convention had gone, I found out not only that the con was actually much later, but that admission on Monday only costs $10 each. And she actually said that she would take me and Charlie (my brother who likes Doctor Who)! I somehow managed to get a costume together for less than $15, from two thrift stores. All I have left to find is a tie, and some hairclips. And I have to paint Charlie's shoes black. I've never painted shoes...

In the meantime, I have another problem. Remember the scene from the Kay version, where Erik picks the gemstones out of the back of the Peacock Throne? I started a painting of that scene. I was going to try to find out what the real Peacock Throne looked like first, but I was in art class at the time, and I couldn't check. Turns out that I was way off. (The real one looks more like a bed than a throne.) Now I have a canvas that has a pretty nice sketch on it, but which looks nothing like the real thing would have. So... do I continue with this track, and plead artistic license, or do I start over? I lean towards starting over, if only out of respect for the effort Susan Kay put into researching the actual Shah's actual throne. To make up a new one when she worked to make her book 'real' wouldn't be too great. Any thoughts?

Wow, that entry turned out long than I thought it would!
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I finally found some fake fur for my Doctor doll's hair! I trimmed it, and sewed it on last night, and now I'm officially done with the doll. Of course, this means I have to post a bunch of pictures...


Feb. 14th, 2008 04:09 pm
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Behold, the first official additions to my Doctor Who collection:
We had to drive 40 miles, but we finally found a store that sells DW stuff :D (By the way, that's the robot dog that Meg dressed as for Halloween). A note of PotO-related interest: the actor who plays the guy in the blue coveralls is one of those rumoured to be cast as Erik in PoM. If only they made PotO action figures this cool... (Aside from the Lon Chaney ones).

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


Feb. 7th, 2008 11:42 am
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Most people take photos of these scarves by hanging them off their back porch. We don't have a porch (or at least not a high-up one), so I hung it over the cross beam at the front of my mom's store. (There's that yellow-brick road I mentioned :D )
Final length: 13'8, 14 feet including tassels. It looks longer here because it stretches out when it's hanging like that. Also, the wind was blowing it backwards, that's why it looks narrower at the ends.
September 17-October 25th
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Time for an update, I think.
My current project, as some of you know, is my Doctor Who scarf. This'll take a bit of explanation.
Ten different actors have portrayed the character of the Doctor in the TV show, since 1963. You might ask, "How do they get away with changing the actor so much?". Very simple, and very clever: when the Doctor is terribly injured (or the current actor decides to quit) he can regenerate himself, completely changing his appearance and personality. 
Anyway, back in the 1970s, the Doctor was played by Tom Baker. He was the Fourth Doctor (because he was the 4th actor). His Doctor always wore a brown hat and a gigantic scarf. (That's a picture of him in my icon.) This scarf changed every season, varying between ten and twenty-five feet over the course of his years on the show. I found the knitting pattern online, and decided to make one. But I didn't know how to knit. So I found an online 'How-to-knit' guide. I've been working on it a little over a week now, and if I think I'll get to the three-foot mark sometime this afternoon. I'm not entirely sure how long it'll end up being, since it didn't have the size on the pattern, but I'm guessing it'll be about 14-16 feet.
The store is going great. The UPS guy is beginning to dislike us, because he has to bring shipments of new merchandise to us nearly everyday. Last night two big boxes of puppets came! My mom is trying to find something that can be turned into a puppet theatre, and wants me to help the kids put on shows. I think our grand-opening is coming up soon... I'm not sure when. 
I have three deadlines to meet, none of which I've even begun working on: the PotO Halloween art contest, the Mort Rouge Halloween phic contest, and the PotO 'Illustrate a music lyric' contest. I've got a few very wispy ideas, but have yet to think of anything good. The lyric contest deadline is the 16th of October, and I have until Halloween itself for the other two... I really need to get a move on. 
Darn procrastination issues!

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