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 Okay, so last night we went to pick up my 'new' computer. I'm going to miss my old one... :(
They couldn't put Windows XP on, but luckily my brother seems to have figured out how to upgrade my scanner to work with Vista. This computer looks exactly like my brother's new one. Probably because it is my brother's, just an older model number. I've 'named' it Reinette. I was going to name it 'Antoinette' (it felt like it should be named 'Something-nette'), but then I remembered that there was a character on Doctor Who named Reinette. (My old compy was named Christine.) My brother named his laptop 'Ragnarok'. 
So, we have twin laptops. I'm going to take that as an excuse to find a PotO mask sticker as soon as possible. ("But Mom, I need the sticker so I can tell them apart!")
The bad news: all my music is gone. All I have are the few songs I managed to email to myself before we sent my old computer off. I was counting on replacing everything through my brother's Rhapsody account, but it turns out that some liscence thing won't let anything from there play on my computer. I'll have to dig up all my cds, I guess.
I've also got to make a new desktop wallpaper (the old one looks too stretched), new icons, and find some new cursors. 
What a fun week I'm going to have...
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 Okay, yesterday I wrote the entire story of why I haven't been online in a month, and then I clicked 'post to journal' and assumed it had posted. Apparently (as I can't find it now) it didn't. Darn LJ, eating my entries!
I'll just have to make a long story short, because I am in no way typing it all again.
Circuit City was supposed to have my laptop fixed in two weeks. They didn't do that. We called them after two weeks, and they told us various things, from "it's still being fixed" to "it's lost in the mail". Another week of them not returning our phone calls went by, until we all went down there to find out where my laptop was! Apparently it never ever got to Chicago. It'd been sitting in their warehouse in Atlanta for the entire month!!!
Mom complained, and had them check the list of all the stuff we've bought there in the past (a lot of stuff. We're practically keeping them in business.), and they agreed to give me a new laptop. Which I can't get until my old one comes in. 
That was a week ago. They themselves seem to have given up on my laptop ever coming in, and say that  I can come get me new laptop after Christmas, because they are currently all sold out. There's a shipment coming in on the 26th, and hopefully I'll get one then. I've also got to convince them to put Windows XP on it, as my scanner and camera are completely incompatible with Vista. *shakesfist*

It's Christmas Eve!!! *squee*
Merry Christmas/Happy Hannukah everyone! :D

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