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When I got my Prints account on deviantART, it came with a free 3-month regular subscription, with all the special other features (like fancy journals, no ads, etc.). I ended up really enjoying it, and sadly looked forward to the day it would expire. That day being today. So, at 3:12 today, my subscription ended. 
But, there is a happy ending.
My brother has a friend who has an internet business. He wrote earlier today, asking if I could proofread his website. I love editing stuff, so I jumped at the chance to help out. I sent him my list of corrections, and he went to work on fixing the site.
Later, after he was finished, he IM'd me again, asking if there was anything I wanted, as a sort of thank-you gift. (He got my brother an internet Dragon RPG game subscription or something, as well.) To make a long story short, I now have a one-year subscription to devART, and I am super thrilled!  I didn't think there was any way that I'd be able to get another one, short of winning a contest. 

I keep meaning to write about this, but I keep forgetting to... I now have a cat! 
Let me start at the beginning. About a year ago, we found a kitten on the road side. He was black, with a white stomach, and a little white stripe/spot on the side of his mouth, like a tiny half-mask. My mom said we could keep him, and we named him 'Gaston' (for Leroux, of course). 
He didn't waste much time in running away... We never saw him again.
Last Wednesday (on Halloween, in fact), me and Mom had to go pick up some furniture for her to paint, from another store around here. Hanging around the back of the store was a black and white cat... with the same exact white spot as Gaston had! I mentioned it to Mom, but she pretended not to notice. She doesn't like cats very much. 
We came back the next day, to return the furniture. The cat was still there. Me and my little sister begged asked to be allowed to keep him. The owner of the store did her part to help, saying that the store next door was threatening to call the dog pound to pick up the cat. Mom wanted to let us keep him, but she still didn't want us to get a cat. Finally she said that we could have him if our step-dad said it was okay. So we went home and begged asked him. He finally said yes. So we went and got the cat on Friday.
I've (re-)named him "Tobias Macavity", "Toby" for short. 

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