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I am typing this on a computer!
Not a Wii!
Sadly, this doesn't mean that my laptop cable has arrived... only that one of our family friend's was kind enough to let me use her's today. My new laptop cable should probably get here tomorrow or Wednesday.
So, while I have the luxury of being able to type more than three words per minute, I'm going to post this tag. This keyboard is a lot louder than the one on my laptop, but I'm not complaining.

Ten Facts you don't know about me:

1. My family celebrates John Denver's birthday every year, complete with a JD cake
2. I have a Kermit collection (You know, the Muppet frog)
3. I have dogs that are named Meg and Madame Giry
4. When I was in sixth grade, I taught myself how to read Egyptian hieroglyphics
5. I have never had my hair cut 

I'll finish this later... I had more, but I forgot what they were. :-D

Probably the worst part about not being able to type properly is that I can't work on any of my phanphic projects, either writing or beta'ing. Even if I wanted to attempt writing on a Wii, it gets glitchy if you try to write more that two or three paragraphs. So, I managed to find a pencil and hand write a couple of pages for my story I'm trying to work on. I'll probably end up scraping all of it, though.
The other main problem is that I can't upload any of my art. I have a painting that I need to enter in one of the PotO contests on deviantART, and I can't even post it. I just hope that no one takes my idea... and that that cord gets here soon. 

I'm going to work on a few more things while I'm here, and then I'm going to try to catch up on reading PotO for the Leroux reading group.
Oh, and thanks to morleigh13, for telling me how to change my journal lay-out :D

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