Jan. 13th, 2012 07:54 pm
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Originally posted by [ profile] mountain_hiker at Wikipeda
Please share and reshare all over the social networks! Encourage Wikipedia to go dark next week!

Wikipedia Blackout: Urge Wikipedia To Protest Censorship
Quick request: Wikipedia is considering going dark to protest SOPA and PIPA, the Internet censorship bills.

It'd be huge news, jar rank-and-file Internet users out of complacency, and serve as a turning point in the effort to beat these bills.

Several sites are considering going dark next week -- Reddit's already pledged to do so, but to have the impact it'll take to kill SOPA and PIPA, we need much broader support. A blackout by Wikipedia could be what finally kills these bills.

Will sign you on at right to urge Wikipedia to go on strike to protest censorship? (You'll also generate an email to your lawmakers, with the language at right.)
PETITION TO WIKIPEDIA: We encourage Wikipedia to "go dark" to proest the Internet censorship bills pending before Congress. Millions of Americans would take notice, and it could be what finally turns the corner in the fight against SOPA and PIPA.
Please sign at right to urge Wikipedia to go dark, and to generate an anti-SOPA/PIPA letter to your lawmakers.

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After a long line of technical difficulties and ticket website glitches, I finally have my tickets for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2 midnight double-feature! :D Time to dig out my Ravenclaw robes!
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So, after far too long of an artist's block, I've finally gotten a new painting finished! :D

(Click on it to see it bigger/see detail pictures on deviantART)

Let me know what you think of it! I didn't get any comments on it at dA, and I'd like to have some thoughts on it. :)

In other news, it's snowing! Granted, it's tiny little flurries that aren't sticking very well, but it is still the first snow of the season, so yay!
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Guess what I just saw!

Hmm... Nickelodeon blimp?
Nope! )


Jul. 8th, 2010 07:52 pm
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Back from Nashville, and it was great! The energy in the theatre was amazing, even to my non-Glambert self. Anyway, I'll talk more about the trip/concert later, I just wanted to post this first.

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The photos coming out of the Gulf are some of the most disturbing images of animals that I've ever seen (right up there with the pictures of mutilated horses that had been transported in double-decker cattle-trailers on their way to slaughter houses). It's completely horrifying.  I'm not even going to post them here. Go check them out if you want, but prepare yourself to feel rage:

I've also posted my article about ways to help with the oil spill on If any of you know anyone who's been trying to figure out a way to help, send them a link to the article, and maybe they'll find something that will work for them.

I wish I could do more.
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Because I am currently having to put up with seeing advertisements everywhere for...

...this. )
In less gross news, my Doctor Dolittle (the Rex Harrison version) soundtrack finally arrived from Australia! :D
Backstory: I found the CD at a yard sale several years ago, but didn't buy it because it was a bit more than I wanted to pay for a used CD. Later, I would find out that the CD is extremely rare, and is usually priced at about $60 on used book/CD websites. I've regretted not buying the one at the yard sale ever since, and kept an eye on eBay. Two weeks ago, one finally showed up, for $15 including shipping (pretty good considering it was coming all the way from Melbourne!). And now I'm listening to it! :D Yay!
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My oldest brother ,wanted to get our younger brothers and sister something really great for Christmas this year, now that he has a job at college and can actually afford to buy presents.  The only store out here --our old house was a few miles from a mall D:-- is Wal-Mart, so we went there.

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My youngest brother had a doctor's appointment, so me and my oldest brother got to go hang out and shop and Borders for a while. It was a lot of fun, though I was pretty sad to see that they'd ripped out the entire DVD and CD sections and replaced them with gigantic Twilight displays (who needs Twilight band-aids?!). Anyway, while I was there I saw something that surprised me, given what's been going on with... oh, I'll just tell you the whole story...
Coincidence? I think not! )

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"The chief difficulty Alice found at first was in managing her flamingo: she succeeded in getting its body tucked away, comfortably enough, under her arm, with its legs hanging down, but generally, just as she had got its neck nicely straightened out, and was going to give the hedgehog a blow with its head, it would twist itself round and look up in her face, with such a puzzled expression that she could not help bursting out laughing; and, when she had got its head down, and was going to begin again, it was very provoking to find that the hedgehog had unrolled itself, and was in the act of crawling away[...] Alice soon came to the conclusion that it was a very difficult game indeed."

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, Chapter 8

This one's for a storybook illustration contest. :D

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This is where I went to 5th grade.

My mom painted the mural you can see the edge of in this photo:

All the kids are being sent to different schools while they try to figure out what to do next. :(
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I usually watch CNN all the time. Last night, I watched Larry King and AC360, then switched over to Discovery Channel. I did some painting and some reading, and when I was done it was about 2 am. I went to get ready for bed, and while I was brushing my teeth the song "Abraham,  Martin, and John" suddenly popped into my head. I went along with it, and by the time I headed back to my room it had gotten to the 'Bobby' verse. As I got into bed, I decided to put CNN back on, so I could see if they'd switched over to CNN International yet... and that's when I saw the news.

I'm glad they'll all be together now, at least.


New puppy

Mar. 10th, 2009 10:39 am
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Meet Cheryl

Picture under the cut )

She's three months old, and looks like a little bunny hopping around with her little bobtail. Meg doesn't know what to think of her; Meg doesn't like puppies, but she's never seen a puppy that was bigger than she is. The other dogs love her, especially Betty and Cadbury; they've got another friend to play with now. (And Cindy has someone else to growl at for rough-housing when she's trying to sleep.) Madame Giry seems to be a tiny bit jealous, though...
She's supposed to get a bit bigger, and her coat's supposed to get a little bit darker/redder before she's full-grown. She's so cuddly and marshmallowy.
I feel a little better now.
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So my birthday was yesterday. Most of it was spent at the store, playing Roller Coaster Tycoon. After work, we went to a pizza buffet! We only get to go there on special occasions (maybe two  or three times a year, at most), so I really enjoyed it. At the grocery, there were actually some decent desserts on sale! I love chocolate pie (the kind with whipped cream on top), but they're usually $8.95 each; yesterday, there was one on sale for $4! I had that as my birthday cake. The boys didn't throw me a surprise party like they did last year (that was so adorable), but they were busy, so I don't blame them. 
Presents! My mom got me the shoes that I've been wanting for ages: a pair of tie-dyed Converse 'Chucks'. Chucks are generally insanely expensive for what's basically canvas sneakers, but these were on sale at Marshalls (or maybe it was T.J.Maxx) for $20. They're great, and Daisy hasn't tried eating them yet (what happened to my other shoes). (Plus, if I ever need to make a 'The Doctor Visits the 1960s' costume, I'm all set, haha.) My great aunt (who lives out of state; haven't seen her in months) went to New York last month, and she sent me $10 in birthday money, and two Phantom postcards! My grandma gave me a Broadway Hits compilation CD set. It's really cool, and even came in a metal tin. My mom also contributed some money towards my Dragon*Con fund. Oh, and my second oldest brother got me a Cadbury chocolate bar (my favourite).
All in all, quite a nice birthday :D
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 Note: it is a bad idea to stick your finger in a dog's mouth when they are eating a bone. 

What happened was, Shirley (our Corgi) was eating a steak bone, and seemed to be having trouble with it. It seemed like a smaller piece had gotten jammed between her upper and lower jaws, which happens occassionaly, and since I'm the resident animal person, I went to dislodge it. To make a short story shorter, it came loose by itself just as I located it, and her teeth crunched down on both the bone and my finger. It wouldn't have been so bad, if not for the horrible snapping noise the steak bone made-- it took me a minute to realise she hadn't broken my finger. (right-handed artist + broken right index finger = very very bad)
It'll be fine; just barely broke the skin. Stings like a bad papercut, though. It could have been way worse (what if Shirley was a Rottweiler or something with even bigger teeth?), and I'm very thankful that it wasn't. :)

I can't think of anything to paint. Ideas, anyone?
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Time for an update... :)


May. 26th, 2008 02:06 pm
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I just got back from TimeGate (still wearing my costume, actually).


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 Clearly my lack of math skills is starting to bleed over into over number related functions. Today (the 23rd), I told everyone I saw (read: my mom and two of my brothers) "happy Towel Day!". Then I go online, to see what sort of fun, towel-related macros/comments/etc that people should have been making on the scifi boards today-- and find out that Towel Day is actually on the 25th of May. Not the 23rd. Thank goodness I forgot to grab a towel this morning...
 So, yeah, some other examples of my math/date disability: I thought that TimeGate (the Atlanta Doctor Who/Stargate convention) was on the 5th on May, and it turned out to be on the 23-26th; the local thrift store (or at least the one I go to most often) has a colour-coded system of putting things on sale, and I keep thinking colours are supposed to be on sale earlier than they actually are; also, numerous birthdays/anniversaries which I keep getting the date off by a week or so. I'm glad that I always seem to get the dates early, otherwise there would have been a lot of stuff I'd have missed! (The only date I've gotten right recently was Scurvy Awareness Day.)
 Speaking of getting the date of TimeGate wrong, that might have actually been a good thing. Back on Monday, May 5th, I was talking to my mom about how TimeGate was that day. She said something along the lines of "Oh, you should have told me earlier. I could have taken you". (the store is closed on Mondays). I said it was okay, and even if we could go, the tickets were really high (like $50 a person). Then, when I went online to see how the convention had gone, I found out not only that the con was actually much later, but that admission on Monday only costs $10 each. And she actually said that she would take me and Charlie (my brother who likes Doctor Who)! I somehow managed to get a costume together for less than $15, from two thrift stores. All I have left to find is a tie, and some hairclips. And I have to paint Charlie's shoes black. I've never painted shoes...

In the meantime, I have another problem. Remember the scene from the Kay version, where Erik picks the gemstones out of the back of the Peacock Throne? I started a painting of that scene. I was going to try to find out what the real Peacock Throne looked like first, but I was in art class at the time, and I couldn't check. Turns out that I was way off. (The real one looks more like a bed than a throne.) Now I have a canvas that has a pretty nice sketch on it, but which looks nothing like the real thing would have. So... do I continue with this track, and plead artistic license, or do I start over? I lean towards starting over, if only out of respect for the effort Susan Kay put into researching the actual Shah's actual throne. To make up a new one when she worked to make her book 'real' wouldn't be too great. Any thoughts?

Wow, that entry turned out long than I thought it would!

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